Digitpol's Tracker is a 24 / 7 monitored tracking system with a response team covering mainland Europe.

Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Investigation Unit developed a unique monitoring platform and tracker that operates on LITE, VHF and Low Powered Networks (LPWAN) and cannot be jammed like traditional GSM/GPS devices.

Digitpol's proactive platform is monitored 24/7 by agents which allows for custom alerts and alarms. Once an alert is triggered Digitpol's team deploy to recover the vehicle automatically. We deploy instantly and the process is carried out in line with Police services across Europe. This is the only proactive system that works with a response team and with instant alerts in cooperation with the Police across Europe.

Our technology ensures full visibility on your vehicle even if your vehicle is concealed in a shipping container or parked in an underground car park we will locate it. Our monitored tracking system will give you the full peace of mind with a low cost. The aim of the project is to provide a cost effective solution to a real problem and to work with the public sector.

Digitpol's tracking device can be installed on-site . The monitoring is only activated when specific parameters are met and when alerts are sent all Digitpol's agents receive them in real time across Europe.