Digitpol's Head of Unit, Mr Martin Coyne attends the INTERPOL General Assembly in Beijing China

Launchtech HQ is proud to be present at the INTERPOL General Assembly being held in Beijing, China from 26 to 29 September. Mr Martin Coyne and Mr Lee attended the important assembly.

Launch Tech HQ attended the opening ceremony where President Xi Jinping delivered the keynote speech before nearly 1,000 participants from 156 countries, making it one of the largest General Assemblies in the Organization’s history. Among the key issues to be addressed by delegates, including 62 police chiefs and more than 30 Ministers of Security, Interior and Justice, is the importance of frontline officers having real-time access to global policing data through a single and neutral platform. As INTERPOL’s supreme governing body, it meets once a year and takes all the major decisions affecting general policy, the resources needed for international cooperation, working methods, finances and programmes of activities.

In July INTERPOL and Launch Tech HQ signed a partnership agreement to further enhance and extend their cooperation in combating vehicle crime. Combining INTERPOL’s reach throughout the global law enforcement community with Launch Tech HQ’s vehicle forensic tools and training facilities will provide opportunities to better identify the individuals and networks involved in vehicle crime.

Launch Tech HQ will also support INTERPOL’s Project INVEX, an initiative involving car manufacturers to find new ways of detecting stolen motor vehicles and increase the quality of data in the Stolen Motor Vehicles database. Mr Martin Coyne and colleagues attended the event.

Images @Interpol

INTERPOL General Assembly – Beijing
Interpol General Assembly China
Interpol General Assembly China 1